Gentleman's Lounge

This candle is designed to appeal to those that are more masculine in nature.  A Man Candle... or as some might as a Mandle.  A subtle blend of leather, whiskey, and fresh tobacco will emit with a crackle as you tell brave tales of tomfoolery within your man cave.

Not only will this Mandle demonstrate that you are a successful and grown up adult, it will also mask and cover up the accumulated fragrances that tends to build up within any Gentleman's Lounge.


Scent notes:

Bergamot, Lemon, Orange,Cognac, Nutmeg, Whiskey, Crushed Tobacco Leaves, Leather, White Woods

Burn Times:

100 mL Beaker: 15-20 hours; 45 minutes per session.

400 mL. Beaker: 50-60 hours; 3 hours per session. 

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