Antique Glass Syringe

Admire an ever changing swirl and dance of colours within this one of a kind pendant.  Constructed from an unused antique glass syringe that seals in a unique blend of non-toxic fluorescent liquids, eye catching glass beads, discarded mechanical hardware, pearls, and uncut rubies. 

At the tip of the pendant, a single blood red Swarovski tear drop glistens, hinting at this syringes original intended use.  A small Stirling silver cage is then created and used to mount the syringe around your choice or chain or leather cord. 

Important Information

  • Each pendant is created to order with you in mind.  This in a completely unique work of art.
  • After the order is placed, I will send you an email to fine tune the design to better suit you.  
  • The production of this piece takes approximately 1-2 weeks.  An expedited order may be considered but can not be guaranteed
  • Your satisfaction is incredibly important.  I will send you a picture of it being built as well as upon completion to ensure you absolutely love your choice!



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